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In simple terms, what is found in every bag or canister of the product is a natural vegetable extract found in sassafras and pepper plants, and food grade diatomaceous earth, respectively.

Organic One's main ingredient is food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE). Insects are not built like higher forms of life. They do not have blood vessels, only a body cavity that holds fluid. If they lose as much as 10% of fluids, they die. DE helps them lose that vital 10% of fluids or more. Most insects have a "waxy" coating on the outside of their shell. The small DE particles puncture through the waxy coating, causing the insect to dehydrate and die. This is all physical, NOT CHEMICAL!

Our second ingredient is Pyrethrin, a natural vegetable extract from a variety of Chrysanthemum flowers.

Our third ingredient is Piperonyl Butoxide, another natural vegetable extract first discovered in Sassafras and pepper plants. It is used as a synergist to magnify the effects of Pyrethrin. A small amount of this (1%) is added to DE to add a quick killing, long lasting insecticide that is a very effective alternative to conventional chemicals.







Organic One's Products are EPA registered and approved. The EPA Material Safety Data Sheet explicitly states that Organic One’s natural products contain “NO KNOWN HAZARD”. No protective gear is required for handling.