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Organic One offers a non-toxic solution that is safer and more effective than other products offered in the primary wholesale and retail supply chain that are toxic chemical insecticides produced by major chemical manufacturers.

Unlike chemicals that lose their effectiveness or evaporate after a few hours or days, Organic One’s main ingredient does not evaporate or degrade. This means that its effectiveness continues substantially longer than chemical solutions. The result is a suite of products that are not only safer and more effective, but also longer lasting and more cost efficient.

Organic One’s products kill upon contact and are easy to apply. There are no poisons that must be ingested by the insect to be effective. Once an insect comes in contact with Organic One, their protective waxy outer coating is scratched and penetrated, causing them to dehydrate and die. This action is all mechanical - NOT chemical!

A great way to explain the actions taking place is by imagining oneself being wrapped in barbed wire. If you don't move, nothing will happen; however, if you make any movements, you will cut yourself. The Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth used in Organic One's products is similar to the barbed wire effect. Once the insects come in contact with it, they immediately begin to lose the crucial 10% of fluids needed for survival.

Pet and Animal "Directions for Use":

Use Organic One's Pet & Animal Insecticide to get rid of bothersome fleas, ticks, and ear mites. Just thoroughly rub the product into the animal, working it down to their skin. Dust the animal's bedding and areas where the animal sleeps. Repeat once per month or as often as necessary.

Organic One Pet & Animal Insecticide can be mixed with water. Reinfestation can be prevented by leaving the insecticide in the pet or animals coat as a repellent.

Organic One Pet & Animal Insecticide is available in 14 oz. shaker containers, 1 lb., 2 lb., 5 lb., and 30 lb. bags. Also available is a food grade Diatomaceous Earth with no added ingredients.

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Organic One's Products are EPA registered and approved. The EPA Material Safety Data Sheet explicitly states that Organic One’s natural products contain “NO KNOWN HAZARD”. No protective gear is required for handling.