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Organic One’s products kill upon contact and are easy to apply. There are NO poisons that must be ingested by the insect to be effective.

In order for Organic One's product to be effective, it must first come in contact with the insect you wish to kill. Once that happens, the Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth wears through the thin, waxy outer coating that insects have causing them to dehydrate and die.

This action is all mechanical - NOT chemical!

A great way to explain the actions taking place is by imagining oneself being wrapped in barbed wire. If you don't move, nothing will happen; however, if you make any movements, you will cut yourself. The Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth used in Organic One's product is similar to the barbed wire effect. Once the insects come in contact with it, they immediately begin to lose the crucial 10% of fluids needed for survival.

Organic One's Products are EPA registered and approved. The EPA Material Safety Data Sheet explicitly states that Organic One’s natural products contain “NO KNOWN HAZARD”. No protective gear is required for handling.